What questions should you ask the College before arriving?

Before studying abroad, it is important for students to ask the college of their choice some questions before committing to their program. Some questions can be easily answered by doing an online search, especially on the college’s FAQ section on their website, if there is one. Some questions to focus on before getting accepted into a program could include: What does this college look for in potential students? What specific classes do they offer that would interest you? What type of extracurricular activities is on their campus? These questions can help students narrow down which college they would like to attend. After getting accepted into a college or program, the questions can become more personal and specific because they have already selected you. Some elements to ask about include housing arrangements, dining options and student services and how to socialize with other students when you arrive on campus. Remember to ask about anything that may concern or interest you before you decide on where to study!

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118 Great Questions to Ask on a College Tour

Touring your prospective colleges is a great opportunity to learn from the people who study, work, and teach on campus. By keeping your eyes and ears open, you can gain a strong sense of a school and its culture, far beyond the facts and figures on its website.

To make the most of your visits, you should prepare thoughtful questions to ask on a college tour. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive college visit checklist of questions for your tour guide, current students, admissions officers, financial aid officers, and professors. Plus, we’ll offer some advice on what not to ask.

Before breaking out the list of college tour questions, let’s review the point of campus visits in the first place.

Why Are College Tours Important?

If you have the means and time to do so, you should definitely take advantage of campus tours. They’re an invaluable opportunity to explore your prospective college campuses, as well as their surrounding areas, in person.

You can check out the school’s facilities, like the library, dorms, dining halls, gym, and science labs, as well as branch out to see its surrounding city or, if you’re aiming for rural, dairy farms. Gathering your impressions of your college’s campus and beyond will help you gain a much stronger sense of whether or not it’s a place you’d like to live and learn for four years.

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