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“Our College Gurus identified and worked with him on Reading Program and his ACT

His score going up by 6 points from 24 to 28, 30, working through his College Application and considering several options for major in Medical colleges and other criteria every step has been a delightful journey to see him succeed.”

Wentzville School, St Louis

Aditya Borros

( Goa India ) First and foremost they asked for all the relevant information and all the documentation that would help them understand my case Once they had all the paperwork their team did timely communication by email, message chat, audio, video calls as needed to ensure all the information was accurate and they understood the details. From the start, they clearly set the goal and timeline of their role in the admissions process.Leena and her team members Ben, Arti were all a pleasure to work with.I finally got my approval on visa and college admission in my desired Air flight course in Florida thanks to their efforts.

Our instructors worked diligently and his score went up to 30 – 4 points up from the start
“Working with their family our College Gurus team had identified that his ACT score needed improvement.
Once he started his ACT prep with Scholar Academy his ACT score improved by 4 points, his Math and Language Reading and Writing scores improved considerably.
Working with his College Guru we identified and worked on plan for College selection criteria, Major and Minor that he takes, planning the college visits, early application, Interview and Essay prep.”



Mumbai – Applying for Pre Medicine program in London was a stress-free experience with ACG, their team helped with all the course options and also shared an additional list of colleges to apply if I did not get approved in the college of my choice within 30 miles.

“ScholarAcademy team and American College Gurus team worked on improving her ACT program which went up to 35 by 4 points. Her parents went on to discuss the college options with us and got help with us from time to time.”

Ladue Middle School - enrolled in Wash U 


Raipur -Bachelors in Electrical Engineering – I was looking to do a Masters or MBA, their team understood my requirements and gave me all the options that best met my needs and budget.

Abhishek Dutt

2019 Punjab – Their college counseling representatives provided options for study in Canada that best met my Master’s requirement.


Gujarat 2019- Masters Course in Computer Science

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