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Scholar Academy is our affiliate for providing  Test prep with proven results for ACT /SAT and GPA improvement.

  • “Our College Gurus identified and worked with him on Reading Program and his ACT His score going up by 6 points from 24 to 28, 30, working through his College Application and considering several options for major in Medical colleges and other criteria every step has been a delightful journey to see him succeed.” Ross Wentzville School, St Louis /

total 30 hours and includes 2 Free Full Length ACT/SAT test.

Guaranteed to improve your score on ACT and SAT (results may vary based on individuals)                                                                                       

Our class sizes are limited to 5- 7 kids per group so enroll early

Please see our testimonials on our website – www.stlscholaracademy.com

Pre requisites for ENROLLMENT

Students would need to submit their previous test results and scores if available
  • School report of current grade level and GPA or as may be applicable for your country.
  • Kids will need to purchase or bring their own ACT/SAT book for the sessions, we will provide all the other materials and tests.
  • We also provide tutoring in all subjects and do remedial work if you want your grades improved over the summer holidays.
  • Test prep and honors programs
  • ACT and SAT prep classes offer low student to teacher ratios, study strategies developed based on individual student needs, practice exams, and a variety of college prep exercises.
  • This class is recommended for students who need help understanding subject matter or require help with overall focus and staying on track with their study schedule. Students will first complete a practice exam to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Then, we custom design a study strategy based on the results.
  • Prep course are offered with flexible scheduling options and are led by expert tutors. Depending on students’ college prep needs, they may choose between the ACT prep program, SAT prep program, or they may enroll in both programs.
  • The ACT prep program will offer a thorough review for each of the five categories the ACT tests: English, math, reading, science/reasoning; and essay writing; whereas the SAT prep program places emphasis on vocabulary and the compulsory essay.

Additional tutoring can be provided for any subject as well, initially all of that will be done online.




( Each student class hours will vary on their individual score)


ACT Test subjectsApproximate hours for ACT     SAT test           subjectsApproximate hours for SAT 
Practice test3.5 hours 3.5 hoursFree
Math4 hoursMATH6- 8 hoursincluded
English2- 4 hoursCritical Reading   6-8 hoursincluded
Reading4 -6 hoursWriting4-6 hoursincluded
Essay Writing2-3 hours 2-3 hoursincluded
Science4- 6 hours Not applicableincluded
Practice3.5 hours 3.5 hoursFree
 total hours = 30 Total hours = 30

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