Test preparation

“ Test scores can be a big factor in the admission decisions.
Our individualized approach to each student motivates and challenges each kid in a tutor led program to achieve their best scores.
Most of our students have increased their scores by as many as 9 points on the ACT and 300 points on the SAT

We offer Test preparation in St Louis for PSAT /SAT /ACT /SSAT/ LSAT /GRE / GMAT/ TOEFL / IELTS 

Online Classes are also offered for ACT /SAT/ SSAT/ PSAT/ GRE/GMAT/ TOEFL/ IELTS

  • Proven Results, Testimonials from LadueMiddleSchool, LHWHS, MICDS, Parkway District and Marquette students
  • Individualized lesson plans 
  • Flexibility to meet at your home or a location near you 
  • Online help available too for all programs 
  • Pre assessment and results
  • Advise on ACT or SAT for your child 
  •  Full length practice tests
  • Sample small tests 
  • Comprehensive coverage of all sections of the test
  • Sessions are tailored to each individual student 
  • “Our College Gurus identified and worked with him on Reading Program and his ACT His score going up by 6 points from 24 to 28, 30, working through his College Application and considering several options for major in Medical colleges and other criteria every step has been a delightful journey to see him succeed.” Ross Wentzville School, St Louis /

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