* For new students, we require your previous test scores, GPA.
* Based on our evaluation, we discuss the best possible options with the student and family.
* Determining how many sessions might be needed is based on each individual and our thorough process ensures that we give you a reasonable estimate, for example, if your child has a good score in reading and writing then we will stress more on math, science but less on English
* We split up test prep based on core subjects between specialist tutors -Rarely Math and Science tutors also cover English, reading, writing
* We assign a Specialist tutor/ mentor for overall test-taking tips, time management, test anxiety.
* The specialist coach works in individual sessions to ease the anxiety about test-taking.
* We are not in favor of rote memorization techniques.
* Our emphasis is on quality of sessions rather than the number of sessions needed, our customized options based on the child's personality gives the best results, our past students and testimonials speak to the same.

Email – acg.info.10@gmail.com

phone – +1 314-326-7401


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