Study Abroad pros and cons in Canada colleges

Although Canada is not as popular of a study abroad option compared to the U.S., there are many pros and cons to choosing to study abroad here and they have many opportunities for international students. Some of the pros include prestigious universities and high quality of education, significantly more affordable cost of tuition and lower cost of living compared to other studies abroad options, such as the U.S., U.K., and Australia. There are also many post-graduate opportunities in Canada, such as job options and graduate school. There is also a diverse population in Canada, leading to more cultural opportunities and many chances to improve one’s English and/or French skills. Like other studies abroad programs, there are also some drawbacks to studying in Canada. Some of these cons include constantly changing education and residence laws, which can confuse international students, hidden living expenses and extreme weather changes, especially really cold winters which can be difficult for students from warmer climates. All this being said, studying abroad in Canada can be an exciting time with lots of interesting experiences for students who are interested in studying abroad. 

What are pros and cons of study in Canada?

The North American country Canada is not only known for its snow clad peaks and ice hockey and a popular neighbor to USA but also as a developed country where high quality education is guaranteed. Canada now provides ample educational opportunities to Indian students.

There have been mutual exchange of students and faculty of universities which serves the cause of higher education of both India and Canada. It is a well-known fact that Canadian Universities have been vying for Indian undergraduate (UG) students in a major way to pursue higher education in their country. Canadian universities consider India as the leading market to tap UG students.

Pros of Studying in Canada

Advanced Quality Education: The education quality in Canada is one of the major factors in attracting foreign students to their shores. Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality controls reflect the high-quality education provided which helps in successful future and benefits one’s career in the long term.

Affordable Education : The unique advantage Canada enjoys is that while it is western developed world, it offers education at comparatively less cost than its other western counterparts. Though the education costs may vary based on the courses, for most of the general courses, the tuition fees is less than other major countries. Paying the fees doesn’t become a burden for students.

Internationally recognized : A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or Commonwealth countries. University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Waterloo all feature in top 50 engineering and technology institutes in the world.

Long Term Advantage : There are major long term benefits to studying in Canada as one would get points for permanent residency in Canada if they have graduated from a Canadian University.

Multicultural Society : Canada which has English and French as major languages offers almost all of the world’s ethnic groups and it’s hard not to find ethnic foods and recreation activities associated with specific cultures. The international student advisors at universities help students to get in touch with numerous ethnic clubs and associations along with their study. Canadians are also known for their friendliness and polite nature.

Campus Lifestyle : It is not all work and no play in Canada either. Canada’s post-secondary campuses are not only wired with the latest in sophisticated technology, but also offer countless other modern amenities for the students to enjoy. From Olympic-quality sports facilities to public concert halls and art galleries, Canada’s post-secondary campuses offer enormous possibilities for learning and leisure.

Pioneering and Abundant Research Opportunities : Since research is one of the key components of a Canadian post-secondary education, one will have ample opportunities to become a part of this aspect of education. In Canada, both government and industry support research which includes all areas of telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, computer technology, and environmental science.

Possibility of Immigration : Another major attraction for Indian students is the possibility of immigration. After studies, people with Canadian credentials and Canadian work experience may apply for permanent residency without leaving Canada.

Reasonable expenses : Cost of living and study in Canada at all levels right from schooling to university is lower than the United States, Britain, Australia and other countries. On comparing the standard of living and the high quality education facilities that are provided in Canada with the other developed countries, we realize that students get all the benefits at a lower cost.

Canada is an international computer and information technology leader, and enjoys an excellent reputation in communications, transportation and engineering. Aviation, urban transport, microelectronics, medical devices, advanced software, hydroelectric and nuclear power, lasers and optoelectronics, biotechnology, food and beverage processing, geometrics and ocean and environmental industries are more prominent.

Career prospects :

In recent years, Canada’s foreign trade, marketing professional, commercial and financial expertise will continue to take the heat. The financial services industry is an important pillar of the Canadian economy, which employs 550,000 employees. In terms of employment for the majority of students, Canada provides a broad platform.

Cons of Studying in Canada

Time Constraint

As a student, time is an indispensable asset. Higher studies demand more time, and working part-time while studying takes up plenty of time. There are increased chances of getting less time to study, which is definitely not good for your studies. Your grades will go down due to lack of study time.

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