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To begin planning seriously for college, many students (and families) make the mistake of waiting until the junior or senior year of high school. This puts them at a significant disadvantage when it comes to college application time. College planning needs to start as early as 6th grade so that students will have the GPA and experiences needed to be accepted and to afford their first choice school. Many students and parents are unaware of the real factors that colleges use in their selection process and often students take the wrong classes or sign up for the wrong experiences and waste money, resources, and time that could have been used to achieve their desired college goals.

American College Gurus uses assessments for a greater understanding of students’ strengths and weaknesses. We make the process of applying for college easier for students and families and we are with you every step of the way, mentoring on course selections, extracurricular activities, leadership development opportunities, competitions, work/volunteer experiences, summer internships, etc. as well as keeping track of GPA and tutoring needs.

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Our Phase 2 program (Grades 6-10) creates a roadmap so that our students’ middle school and high school years move them in to the best possible position for acceptance in to their desired college and university with the best possibilities for extra scholarship funding.

In our 30 minute free consultation session that we have with the parents and students in Phase 1 or Phase 2 we go over the details of your current situation before creating a customized road map for your crucial years in 11th and 12th grade.

A lot of time we see that students are good at Math but lack in Reading and Writing which drives their overall GPA down, in such cases we identify the core subjects the student needs help at and guide you to the local resources and apps and websites that might be helpful for your situation.

Your assigned College Guru will assess and discuss with you the current grades and the additional course suggestions that will benefit you in the future.

The Advanced and electives selection we will guide you as well.As you already know that the average score of 24 – 28 on ACT and so will not get you into the highly selective college, so your College Guru will assess with you the Math, Science and Language portion of ACT or the Math and Reading for SAT portion as will be your preference and guide you to resources and tutors for extra help that your child would need to improve the scores.

Whether it is Music or painting or Track or Lego or Kayaking or any other hobby or interest that you have pursued for many years, we need to hear your story. Our College Gurus are passionate individuals who have gone the same path as you and hence understand your child’s passion and are able to guide them in how to enhance and capitalize on the same to help with the college selection process and more.

We understand that time is of essence, however as per the latest updates on selecting the ideal candidates by the Admissions counselors by Ivy league, Harvard and other colleges , it has been established that they are looking for above and beyond Academics.

So the true nature and personality and values of your child are reflected not just in scores of GPA or ACT /SAT but also in what he/she does outside of school.

Our College Guru take utmost interest in understanding your childs philosophy and guiding your child through that.

The admissions/scholarship essay is your opportunity to create a sense of intrigue that sets you apart from the crowd. Our counselors work with students and their families to identify what should be highlight in the essay and provide guidance about how to structure the essay so that it is noticed. For example, college admissions reps read up to 1,000 essays a year. You need to catch their attention in the first few sentences. We know the proven techniques to catch their attention. We will continue to work with you as you revise drafts of your essay and we also provide assistance in customizing essays to a particular college or scholarship program. Through our years of experience, we know what individual colleges (and scholarship programs) are looking for and we help you customize your essay. If we are unfamiliar with a particular college of your choice, then we research that college to identify their typical student profile.

Getting an interview at a selective college can be difficult. At most selective schools, fewer than 20% of students an invited for an interview. At American College Gurus, we use our vast network of connections with college representatives and admissions directors to initiate an interview opportunity. We can often set up an interview prior to applying, so that when you apply, information about you is already in the college’s system making it more likely that you will be fully considered for admissions.

Students often do not put sufficient time and consideration on letters of recommendation, frequently just asking someone to write one for them. However, letters of recommendation are a significant factor in getting accepted in to selective colleges, because someone else is identifying and verifying your strengths. You don’t want your recommenders to send generic letters of recommendation. At American College Gurus, we will help you to create request letters and a packet of information to provide your recommenders so they can highlight what will impress and intrigue the admissions representatives.

Getting in to your first choice college is the first step. Finding the scholarships to pay for it can often be more difficult and time consuming. At American College Gurus, we have a database of more than 2,000 scholarship programs. We work with students and their families to identify eligibility factors and then match them with scholarship programs. Our goal is to provide you with several scholarship leads to choose from. Once you have identified the scholarships for which you want to submit an application, we can assist with the preparation of your scholarship essay as well as prep you for any interview.

Scholar Academy offers tutoring on all subjects and for all grade levels and also offers Test Prep programs for ACT and SAT. The test prep course work consists of 20 hours and practice exams are administered in person and results are guaranteed.

See our website for details and testimonials about their successful ACT /SAT student programs