If you cannot do great things do small things in great way

about phase 1

Our Phase 1 program (Grades 6-10) creates a roadmap so that our students’ middle school and high school years move them in to the best possible position for acceptance in to their desired college and university with the best possibilities for extra scholarship funding.

Students take our interest and strengths surveys and work with our Gurus to explore how these interests and strengths can be linked to college and career planning. Our strengths assessment is designed to help students improve their grades and indentify the extracurricular activities needed to get in to a top tier college.

Increasing reading fluency is critical to success in high school and college. Our online programs will help students read faster and comprehend more, allowing our students to learn more (or do more) in the same amount of time. Fast reading fluency is critical to ace the ACT and SAT.

College entrance exams emphasize vocabulary. Our Gurus will help identify the best vocabulary building program for each student. An enriched vocabulary helps our students write impressive essays and helps them stand out in interviews.

Many students and their parents believe they should clutter their schedule with a multitude of extra curriculars. Our Gurus help students to focus their extracurriculars. Colleges would much rather see a student passionate about a few worthwhile activities than marginally involved with a large number of clubs. Our gurus also help our students enroll in university summer programs, an advantage when applying to college.

Many highly selective colleges require students to take one- hour Subject Tests. For optimum results, it is important for students to sit for these exams immediately after taking the related course at school. Our gurus prep students so they are ready for the test. Our gurus also prep students for the PSAT. Besides providing practice for the SAT, the PSAT is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship.