Impact of COVID-19 on the online tutoring industry

ACG team of tutors has been working from St Louis with students from public and private schools not only in Missouri but also Texas, Singapore.

Like a lot of aspects of the world in 2020, many industries have been affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. One such industry that has been greatly affected is with online tutoring. Virtual learning has become a normalized concept, and online tutoring is a growing industry because of that. Due to the demand for more online tutoring for children to keep up with their regular classwork, prep for standardized exams, or to create some structure during the pandemic, many people have ventured into this promising business. 

Online tutoring has several long term benefits, and many families may even plan to continue with an online tutor after schools convert back to in person learning. There are also several types of tutoring services, such as private or group sessions, tutoring based on specific subjects or fields of study and different periods of time, such as daily tutoring versus occasional sessions. Essentially, although the COVID-19 outbreak has had a drastic, sometimes negative effect on several industries, online tutoring has gotten much traction and has been only increasing in capacity. 

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