How to study at home during the coronavirus pandemic

Although studying at home during the coronavirus outbreak has become a growing norm, there are still many challenges involved in staying at home for a prolonged period of time, especially with classes starting this fall. Effective studying comes in many forms, and some tricks to keep focused include creating a written or virtual planner to keep track of deadlines, organizing a workspace that creates a motivational but stress-free environment for enhancing productivity and managing time to go outside and take a break every once in a while.

Furthermore, keeping in contact with teachers and advisors might help alleviate any concerns on schoolwork or assignments in particular, along with regularly talking to classmates and friends in order to foster better learning and teamwork. Many students fall into the mindset that quarantine and the result of this pandemic is an extended vacation, and in turn, may find it hard to readjust to school life especially now that many aspects of education have become virtual. This can also cause students to neglect their school work, but by staying disciplined, organized and as relaxed as possible, studying at home can actually become a rewarding experience.  

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