How to Continue Tutoring During COVID-19?

Many people have been running into a problem with continuous tutoring during this uncertain time. Education-based research shows that tutoring is crucial to keeping kids’ learning abilities polished and to lift kids out of a “COVID slide,” a sort of learning slump that many kids have faced since the beginning of the pandemic. There are many ways to continue tutoring practices, such as by switching to remote tutoring. Instead of the common private tutoring sessions at the library or an office, getting comfortable with working through Zoom calls or Skype will help with the transition to virtual learning.

It may also help students whose schools have switched to completely remote instruction as well. In this case, tutors would be able to still help the student work through assignments and standardized exam prep if needed, however, there would be additional challenges to take into consideration; such as access to stable wifi or increased patience in the event of technical difficulty. Another helpful tip would be to organize sessions in advance, and figure out what tasks to focus on during each session beforehand. Through organization, patience and innovation, many students and tutors will be able to continue to work together even though the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

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