Test Prep and Tutoring frequently asked questions

When can you take the ACT /SAT course ?

We do not recommend taking more than 5 -6 attempts for test score improvement, however there are some exceptions in certain cases.
The earliest you can start preparing would be 7th grade if you are taking the Duke tip ACT /SAT.
We work with students from 7th thru12 th Grade 

How will the new ACT /SAT format affect us ?

The Essay portion on both the tests is no longer required and SAT became a lot simpler as well with multiple choice question options.

Who are your Tutors ?

Our tutors are professional tutors who have worked with several students for tutoring and test prep.

What book do you follow?

For most students we follow the standard ACT and SAT textbooks from the college board but if a student is following a particular textbook then our tutors can work from that book as well.

Do you provide extra practice test ?

Yes we have a lot of standard practice tests that we will cover during your sessions and assign tests to do at home as well.

How are you different from other programs ?

We follow a very unique approach, evaluating first what the strengths and weakness are of each student and then design the classes accordingly to help the student improve their skills and time management as well during the test taking.
Due to this unique method our students sometimes just need 15- 20 session and they do very well on the test.
We do not believe in one size fits all approach, for us each student is a unique individual

Where is your Main office ?

Our main office is in St Louis, USA and we offer in person individual tutoring and test prep classes to students from  Public and private schools across St Louis region as well as online sessions.

Where will be the location for students needing test prep from outside USA ?

We do ONLINE classes from USA as per international times.

College Prep frequently asked questions

Why work with us for college placement services

Most educational consultants are based in the home country of the student and are not accessible once the student arrives on the campus, however ACG team has agents, partners, affiliates, in he home country and in the country where the student is placed in college.

What to expect to be discussed during the 30 minute consultation call ?

  • We guide you through each and every step after that.
  • Means of communication throughout after that is via email, phone, and face to face meetings.
  • Understanding what entrance exams and scores you need to take to qualify for the application requirements.
  • We look at your Grades, GPA and Advanced/ Honors course selection.
  • We will discuss your extra curricular, volunteer work experiences, internship and other interests, preferences as well.
  • For example – PSAT, ACT/ SAT, GRE, GMAT , MCAT, TOEFEL , IELTS  to name a few may be required by the university your child applies to.
  • We help you understand the Education System and how to make use of the resources available at the University you would be applying. 
  • Application deadlines reminder from time to time.
  • Information about fees, modes of payment accepted by the university and the timing of fees.

How do we apply for study abroad through your company ?

  1.  Student first contacts our local agents or on our website  and schedule a call with our team.
  2.  Students complete an application online including a cover form, resume, test scores on our website or with the agents directly.
  3. Colleges and universities review your portfolio. If they think you would be a good candidate for their school, they will contact you with information about their programs. Most colleges will be able to give you admissions and scholarship decisions based on your portfolio.
  4. After receiving a conditIonal acceptance offer you will apply for Visa.
  5. .Prepare for visa, with us and the college admissions department will typically share guidelines for the interview.
  6. After visa is granted then you will proceed with your plans to travel to the college and make payment arrangements directly to college for the course.
  7. Arrive at your dream university. 

How Much Does It Cost to study abroad?

Each college fee and program that you are interested in may be different
We have tie up with colleges that are in different tiers, depending on your budget we can start working with a college in your budget :

USD 15000- 20000 per year
USD 25000 – 35000 per year
USD 40000 – 65000 per year

What Visa do I get ?


Visitor Visa B2 – if you are coming for certificate program 4 weeks or less

J 1 visa for Programs less than 6 months duration

 F 1 Visa for programs over 6 months duration 

Do you help with student loans ?

We can direct you to some agencies, Banks  which assist you with that.

What courses are offered ?

Most popular are Technology, Computer science, Journalism, Crea<ve arts and Theatre, Music and Performing arts, Interior Design, Architecture, MBA, Business, Fashion Design and merchandising, styling, Brand Management.

What is included in the Fees ?

Typically this is the standard but each college may be slightly different however in general following are covered –
Lodging, Boarding, Meals, College Tuition fees, Application fees to colleges, on campus student activities, industrial trips, some special activities arranged by College for students, welcome ceremony and Course completion ceremony.

What are additional Expenses that you may incur on arrival not included in the fees ?

For example Air travel, local travel, Phone, shopping, additional course materials, books etc as may be needed and other incidentals that you may incur as per your personal preference are not covered.Health insurance and other personal expenses. 

Can I take extra courses at the University ?

After you arrive please discuss with the university counsellor about your course work and if they recommend courses then you can transfer or do additional courses as may be applicable to each case.

ELA – English learning course you may be required to take if the college determines after  your arrival that you need to take those courses in order to better understand the content then you will be required take those courses.

Whom do we pay the course fees ?

To the college directly 

Would you help with travel booking also ?

We have partner travel companies that can assist you, with your bookings.