Our unique college prep program​

We prepare and help place your child at the best-fit college that will further your child’s personal development and career opportunities, unlike the counselors in other countries who work with selective International colleges (from whom they often receive commissions) and charge exponentially for only a handful of options offered to your child.

We start with the idea that the best admissions consultants and mentors are those who just went through the process themselves. These are people who actually live on the campuses and get to see all the people who were accepted on a daily basis. This allows for an intuitive understanding of understand the university’s culture and DNA. Combined with their recent firsthand experience, you have the building blocks for the ultimate consultant and mentor.

Our clients include Individual families, schools, colleges and universities.

Our experience is in helping students transition from high school to colleges and from undergraduate to Graduate and settling into Jobs. We help our students select the right programs of study at the right college and provide support services throughout their journey to ensure their experience is positive, safe, and successful.

American College Guru’s network of colleges is looking to recruit qualified domestic and international students. We help our colleges connect with the type of student they are looking for and work closely with the college’s admissions department to ensure the students we help are well represented and supported throughout the admissions process.

Get Started

Start Early:-  Unlike in other countries, college planning in America starts early, as early as the sixth grade. Colleges want to see that students have displayed leadership and initiative well before their last few years of high school. Remember, selective colleges in America may receive as many as 40,000 applications a year, all of whom have good grades and test scores. Students who can also show that from an early age they had leadership skills and had achievement outside of the classroom will have the best opportunity to gain admissions to the best schools.

In addition to helping place your child in a program and college of your choice we are available for support 24/7 even after your child begins their college experience because we are based in the USA.

The Crucial Years (Grades 8-12) :-
Make these years count. These years are probably the most crucial to your child’s future. This is the most important time to make the right choices. Don’t do it alone. Your College Guru will have regular meetings with you and your child over these years to review the college roadmap to track progress, evaluate options, make adjustments, and counsel you on the many decisions you will have to make during these years.

In addition, We offer tutoring in critical courses as well as ACT/SAT prep. One or two points on these tests can make the difference in acceptance or not, as well as can result in thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars in additional scholarships. We know the grades and scores you need to get and will help you reach those marks.

During these years, our emphasis is on college selection and applications, securing interview, mock interviews, resume building, essay writing, social media profile, and finance/scholarship blueprint. 

Our process

Degree Program Selection :

Not all degree programs in the US are the same. We will help you find the right one for your goals.

Preferred choice for Study abroad :

International students have a choice to choose between US, UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ

College Selection :

We have relationships with more than 50 colleges and we will help you find the right one.

College Interview Assistance :

We will prep you for your interviews.

College Essay Assistance :

We will assist you in creating powerful essays, brainstorming your concepts.

Scholarship Assistance :

We will help you identify and apply for scholarships that apply to you.

Additional services provided based on individual need