About Our College Preparation and College Placement Program​

After many years of tutoring and test preparation services, we discovered a need to help prepare and place students at the best-fit college that would further their personal development and career opportunities. 

We don’t hand out recommendations lightly; we work hand-in-hand with students and their families to help them identify the right colleges that fit their future goals and career visions. 


We believe that the best admissions counselors, consultants and mentors are those who have recently gone through the admissions process themselves. They’re the people who actually live on campus and interact with the student community on a daily basis. This familiarity allows for an intuitive understanding of the university or college’s culture and academic experience. By learning about the institution this way, students can ultimately make a more informed decision about where to apply.

We are experienced in helping students transition from high school to college, from college to graduate school, and from formal schooling into careers. By collaborating with us, our students select the right academic programs at the right college or university, all while receiving the needed support services to ensure the overall experience is positive, safe and successful.


Grades 8-12 are crucial years, so make them count! When it comes to gaining acceptance to college, it’s all about establishing a goal and taking steady steps to get there… so don’t do it alone! By working with us, you will be assigned a personal mentor and counselor who will host regular meetings with students and their families to review the college roadmap, track progress, evaluate options, make adjustments, and offer counsel on important decisions. At every turn, your counselor will help make the process of applying for college easier and simpler for students and families by staying with you every step of the way. 

As you work to establish goals together, your counselor will administer personalized assessments to gain a greater understanding of a students’ strengths and weaknesses—as well as their hobbies, interests and passions. We encourage students to share their unique and authentic stories with us, because the better we understand their goals and dreams, the better we can assist in achieving them. 

A student’s performance on standardized tests could make or break their admission into certain schools, as well as the amount of scholarship money they receive to attend. To learn about our ACT/SAT and other standardized test prep, click here.


American College Gurus’ network of colleges is looking to recruit qualified domestic and international students. We help our colleges connect with the type of student they are looking for and work closely with the college’s admissions department to ensure the students we help are well represented and supported throughout the admissions process.


Listed here are some of our partner colleges in each country; we have additional colleges in each country not listed here—please contact us for a current list.

Additional College Preparation Services

Degree Program Selection:

Not all degree programs in the US are the same. We will help you find the right one for your goals.

Study Abroad Selection:

We help students select the right study abroad program for their needs and interests. International students have a choice to choose between US, UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ.

College Selection:

We have relationships with more than 50 colleges and we will help you find the right one.

College Interview Assistance:

We will prep you for your interviews.

College Essay Assistance:

We will assist you in creating powerful essays, brainstorming your concepts.

Scholarship Assistance:

We will help you identify and apply for scholarships that are a good fit for your needs and merit.

*Additional services provided based on individual need.


Unlike in other countries, college planning in America starts early—as early as the sixth grade. Colleges and universities want to see that students have displayed leadership and initiative well before their last few years of high school. Selective colleges in America may receive as many as 40,000 applications a year—all with good grades and test scores. Students who can also show leadership skills and achievement outside of the classroom will have the best opportunity to gain admissions to the best schools.

In addition to helping place students in the programs and schools of their choice, we offer 24/7 support even after the student enters college. For more information about our College Concierge Services for international students, click here.