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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to make you learn so fast.

 In 2012, Leena started her first education company offering Tutoring programs. Being of Indian Origin, she stayed connected with India and added study abroad program and college counseling services for students seeking college admissions in the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Her passion is to help and support students through their educational journey making it easier for them to achieve their goals and navigate the cultural and social aspect of study abroad effectively.

Our Team of Tutors/ College Counselors/ Mentors -At ACG our team of mentors are college graduates who share  our goal to make a difference in a students educational journey and career through their own experience with the system to provide the best advise and counseling to each of their families. All of our sessions are offered individually in person and also online, 7 days a week, except public holidays.


Leena ( Founder )

Vivien Sierra

Student Wellness and anxiety coach, advisor,mentor

Paul Pontillo​

Math, Science, Social Studies, LSAT, Economics, Test prep Tutor, College Advisor and Coach ​

Sanya Vatwani

Math, Science, Test prep Tutor, College mentor

Mahima Gunapooti

Language Arts, Social Studies, Tutor, Mentor

Donna Mabb

Math, Science, Test prep Tutor, College Mentor

Ben Beste

Math, Science, Test prep Tutor, ( Advisor role only)


Study abroad counsellor and Tutor

Romil Jain ( Administrative Assistant )

Faced with growing competition and consistently changing environment of today it is a upheaval task to make a choice of your childs career path which will have success or failure outcome later, so why

At American College Gurus our goal is to coach and guide students and parents in a unique and transparent way so that they start preparing early for college in middle school and high school years.

We do offer post graduate college admissions help as well, through our network of over 200 colleges in United States of America Personalized college Prep for each individual to fulfill each ones dream path to life  and career choice is our goal.

Tutoring and Test Prep Team online and in-person

1) P. Pontillo – Math, social studies, ACT / SAT (Math and Science )
Locations – Chesterfield, Ladue, Clayton, St Charles, Online

2) B. Beste (Math, chemistry, ACT / SAT (Math and Science )
Locations – Chesterfield, Ladue, Clayton, St Charles, Online

3) D.Mabbs (Math, chemistry, ACT / SAT (Math and Science )
Locations – Ladue, Clayton, All year availability

4) S. Vatwani (Math Middle school, Language Arts Middle school, Biology, ACT / SAT (math and Science ),
Online sesions

6) Mahima Gunapooti -Elementary Math, Language Arts, ACT / SAT reading, writing, Strategy
and time management (Summer Time and winter break ) Location Ladue, Clayton, Chesterfield

7) Sophia Tu- Math and test prep tutor and college mentor

8) Spanish, History, Economics, Physics, French tutors available upon request.

We have channel partners, travel companies and concierge partners for some services listed o the website.

Our program offer three services:

Phase 1
phase 2
Individual Services

Find more about it on Our Program Page

We are currently working with families from Parkway school district, Marquette MICDS, Wentzville school district  and a few families from India

For individual services the price is quoted individually.We offer Free Consultation by Phone, Video Chat for 60 minutes

Our story

We start with the idea that the best admissions consultants and mentors are those who just went through the process themselves. These are people who actually live on the campuses and get to see all the people who were accepted on a daily basis. This allows for an intuitive understanding of understand the university’s culture and DNA. Combined with their recent firsthand experience, you have the building blocks for the ultimate consultant and mentor.

But not every college student is automatically qualified to be a uniquely good mentor. Indeed, you might ask, “Just because you got into Harvard, doesn’t mean you know how to get me into college.” So we hire only the best of the best. Our hiring standards are extremely selective. We screen consultants based on resume, looking for indications of strong passion and excellent interpersonal skills. They complete several interviews and mock sessions. Then, we require them to complete an intensive writing examination that over 80% of job applicants don’t pass. Some don’t even finish it. In total, only ~20% of consultants make it through the hiring funnel.

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