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In 2012, our Founder Leenna Chouddhary started her first education company, offering tutoring programs to students who needed assistance. Since Leenna is from India, she stayed connected with her Indian community and expanded her company’s services to include counseling services for students entering college and embarking on study abroad programs in the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. 

Today, our services include tutoring, test prep, college prep and concierge services for US-based and international students. All our services are customized to individual needs and rendered through 1-on-1 teaching, tutoring and/or counseling.

Our name, American College Gurus, incorporates the essence of the word “guru” as a mentor or counselor who guides a person to their path in life. We are committed to helping each individual student achieve their goals and proceed thoughtfully and intentionally along their educational path.


Our Gurus—i.e., tutors and advisors—recognize that no two students are alike. No matter what, we want each of our students to have a positive academic experience. Our team is made of experienced tutors, college graduates, college advisors, educational therapists, and test prep specialists who are experts in their subjects and trained in both organizational and study skills. During each session, we work toward giving students the skills to become self-sufficient learners.

Leenna Chouddhary ( Founder )

Paul Pontillo​

Math, Science, Social Studies, LSAT, Economics, Test prep Tutor, College Advisor and Coach ​

Sanya Vatwani

Math, Science, Test prep Tutor, College mentor

Mahima Gunapooti

Language Arts, Social Studies, Tutor, Mentor

Donna Mabb

Math, Science, Test prep Tutor, College Mentor

Ben Beste

Math, Science, Test prep Tutor, ( Advisor role only)


Study abroad counsellor and Tutor

Romil Jain ( Administrative Assistant )

Vivien Sierra

Student Wellness and anxiety coach, advisor,mentor