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We’ve assembled a team of talented, experienced teachers, coaches and mentors to help elementary, middle and high school students raise their grades, improve their test scores and navigate the U.S. college admissions process with ease.

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Grade 5 to 12

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COVID Message - As we adjust our processes for the COVID-19 pandemic, our team at American College Gurus is currently following all local and national social distancing guidelines. Depending on your needs, we can host online sessions, in-person group classes with social distancing, and at-home tutoring services for all ages.

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Our programs are designed to help each individual student discover their fullest potential.

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Who We Are

A “guru” is defined as a mentor and counselor who guides a person to their path in life. But gurus do more than teach—they impart initiation. In other words, they light a spark.

We want each student to have a positive academic experience, no matter where they are in their educational journey. Our team is made of experienced tutors, college graduates, college advisors, educational therapists, and test prep specialists. As experts in their fields, they are prepared and ready to pass on their knowledge and empower each student to reach their fullest potential. 

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Our College and University Partnerships

Choosing the right college can be a daunting experience. Our team is ready and equipped to assist students with preparing for, applying and gaining acceptance to a college or university. To do so, we maintain partnerships with institutions across the United States. Our current network includes over 200 schools—but we are happy to work with any institution, including Ivy League schools, on a student’s behalf. 

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Client Photo
Ladue Family Ayla Ladue School

4th grade & 5th grade – Math tutoring helped her build her confidence and grades improved immediately, she ultimately got selected for advanced math enrichment, thanks to ACG tutors.

Client Photo
Arte Parkway School District

My daughter is no longer in the ESL program, within 3 months of joining her tutors worked with her to help her improve her Language skills in Kindergarten and she quickly got into the enriched and gifted programs.

Client Photo
Puniwala Mumbai

Applying for the Pre Medicine program in London was a stress-free experience with ACG, their team helped with all the course options and also shared an additional list of colleges to apply if I did not get approved in the college of my choice within 30 miles.

Client Photo
Huayu Ladue Middle School – Enrolled in Wash U

ScholarAcademy team and American College Gurus team worked on improving her ACT program which went up to 35 by 4 points. Her parents went on to discuss the college options with us and got help with us from time to time.

Client Photo
Sarfaraz Raipur – Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

I was looking to do a Masters or MBA, their team understood my requirements and gave me all the options that best met my needs and budget.

Relief & Tools for Test Anxiety

Performing well on quizzes, tests and exams is as much about applying classroom lessons as it is about managing emotions, staying focused and relaxing into any testing environment. Our staff includes licensed counselors and psychologists who can help students with test anxiety and managing performance-related stress.

Multilingual Website - Our website can be accessed in English, Hindi and Spanish for international students and families