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We are a team of counselors, college students, mentors, college admissions advisors, tutors and professionals who work with college bound students and their families to help ensure success.

Leena Tibrewala

Founder and Director

Leena has a Masters in Business and Accounts from  Pune University India, she completed her Graduation from Symbiosis college of Arts and Commerce.

Leena is the founder of Scholar Academy and has worked with students in all grade levels from K-12th. Being from Asia, Leena has combined methodologies from both continents creating a unique Scholar Method that her team has perfected with the hundreds of students they tutor.

Leena became disappointed by the fact that while her tutors were able to help students get the GPA and standardized test scores near perfect yet at selective schools, most of her students did not get accepted.

They did not have the additional experiences and accomplishments. Many of her parents were focused only on academics and test scores and did not realize that selective colleges want academically talented and well-rounded students.

Leena also consults with the Infinite Scholars program to help students in disadvantaged schools reach their academic potential.

John Meadows

Co founder

John co-founded American College Gurus (ACG) in response to his own frustrating experiences as a parent as he and his wife prepared for their daughter’s college education. Even though his wife works in higher education, they ran into numerous challenges along the way and knew others were very likely challenged as well.  They realized how difficult the admissions process was to understand and discovered effective methods for preparation and entry into college. They quickly realized the value of starting preparation for college early and discovered the traits colleges are looking for in qualified candidates as well as several effective techniques that increase student’s chances of receiving admission and scholarship for a college education. John’s daughter attended public high school before being accepted into a highly selective liberal arts school and then completed her Masters degree at Oxford University.  From there she worked for Harvard University and currently works for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Today, John helps manage ACG’s operations and consults with the Infinite Scholars Program where he has developed relationships with admissions officers at more than 300 colleges and universities throughout the country.

College Gurus

Student Mentor

They are the essential back bone of our program working directly with the families to understand their needs and then start to work with each of them based on the identified goals.

Our College Gurus are attending or have attended selective schools including Washington University, Penn and Oxford. We select our mentor gurus based on what they did to obtain admissions at these selective schools. Our gurus are individuals who do not come from families that already had an “in” at a selective college. Nor do they come from families that have significant wealth where tuition costs was not a concern. They did the right things in middle school and high school to increase their chances of being admitted and financing an education to the college of their choice.  Our gurus worked hard to have the right academic and extracurricular experiences that enabled them to create a unique life story that stands out from the crowd.  They know how to develop powerfully written admission and scholarship essays, and how to conduct impressive admissions interviews.  Our college gurus are more than happy to share their experiences with others who aspire to graduate college and if your child is willing to make the required commitment they too can realize their dream of attending the college of their choice.

All College Gurus possess the highest qualifications. In additional to completing a rigorous interview process, Gurus must pass a background check and have academic credentials verified.

Our College Gurus come from different walks of life who have gone through their own journey of college and school in different cities and towns all over USA.
The come from Harvard, Ivy League, Wash U,SLUH, UMSL , Lindenwood to name a few.
1) “Christen Rains” Lead College Guru

Christen has been an integral part of Scholar Academy and American College Guru for over 4 years.

She graduated high school in 2006 in the top 10% of her class, 95th percentile ACT score, and an impressively rounded resume. During high school she participated in sports, helped establish a real estate investment company, and peer tutored part-time. She continued these activities through college.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication in 2011, she became increasingly dedicated to tutoring and coaching her students. Over the years, she realized that if she had a mentor during secondary school and the college application process, she would have greatly improved her chance of better college choice as well as getting higher amount in scholarships. Ultimately, she is grateful for her path in life which led her to discover her passion for education, and she’s dedicated to use her experiences and knowledge in helping ACG students maximize their potential and discover a fulfilling path in life.

She has tutored and mentored over 100 families.

We have a team of college gurus who work under her guidance and are assigned for each and every family working with us individually.

She will be keeping track of every student progress, following up with the families on a monthly basis and getting feedback on the assigned College Guru for your family and being part of meetings that you may have with the College Guru.

2) Damir – Has been a Alum of Wash U and  has experience in Corporate Finance, and Marketing is very passionate about student success and self motivation.
3) Ben- From St Louis has worked with several students in St Louis and India helping with interview prep, test prep, tutoring and mentoring.

Karan Vora

Advisory Team

He has learned about the American college system through family members who have attended college in the US (primarily in California).

Karan is a Director in the Global Corporate & Investment Banking division of Bank of America Merrill Lynch in India. He has more than 15 years of experience in International Relations, Corporate Strategy, Investment Banking and Corporate Financing. He is a Chartered Account and has a MB from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta.

Rohit Agrawal

Advisory Team

Rohit’s extended family members live in the United States and have high school students preparing for college. He is excited to share their experiences with you.

Rohit is a Cost Accountant and Businessman with 20 years of experience. He is also connected with various industrial and professional associations giving him keen insight in to the needs of industry. This gives him a unique advantage in helping students and their parents in charting educational and career paths.

Enamuel Haque

Advisory Team

Enamul has personal experience attending college in the United States as an international student. After earning his bachelor’s degree in finance and banking from the University of Dhaka, he attended Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri where he earned his MBA (Masters of Business Administration). He understands that applying to college in the USA has unique challenges.

About American College Guru

We are a team of counselors, college students, mentors, college admissions advisors, tutors and professionals who work with college bound students and their families to help ensure success.We currently have students in the United States, India, China and Bangladesh.


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