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Men’s Fashion Trends

By Anushka @ American College Gurus

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Men’s fashion remains a much less talked about, but equally important topic of discussion. Men and fashion are equally important as women and fashion are, because today, there are new styles of clothing and accessorizing emerging not only for women, but for men as well.

Tuxedo, Classy leather shoes, expensive wallet, belt and shoes of (hopefully) the same colour, especially with formal wear, new patterns of clothing (something different from the plain formal whites and greys) etc. are flooding the markets.

But here’s the thing- fashion wouldn’t emerge if it didn’t have any buyers, right? This is why a whole new market has been created for men’s fashion and grooming. Now, equal importance is given to men’s grooming as is given to that of the women. Perfectly cut hair, the right pair of sunglasses, the perfect jawline, stubble or no stubble, a well-kept beard or none at all are as important as the feminine fashion trends and accessories and clothing.

With male fashion being of increasing importance, it was time that new fashion trends emerged. Thus came in ankle-length pants, coloured pants, patterned suits and of course- Ranveer Singh’s quirky sense of fashion. While skirts were worn by men in Scotland, they soon became an international trend, and we realized just how well men can carry this seemingly ‘feminine’ piece of clothing!

Today men’s fashion is gaining more and more importance. With new emerging trends and a market dedicated solely to men’s fashion, we are assured of its importance and longer stay. What’s more, there is a whole team of dedicated designers, who work hard day and night so that they can come up with something new that entices masses and creates a statement. After all, even men create a fashion statement, don’t they?

October 7, 2016

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