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Influence of Eastern Fashion Trends on the West

By American college gurus team

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Fashion has travelled far and wide. It’s constantly changing, adapting itself to new scenarios and bringing old trends back. Thanks to Internet, it doesn’t take too long for fashion to reach one part of the world from another.

That’s what has caused the fashion trends from East and West to fuse together, and create a whole new style. In India you’ll find people wearing crop tops with long, flowing (traditional) long skirts, and in the West you’ll find women wearing short Kurtis with denims, wearing Jhumkas and rocking them with equal ease.

In India, you’ll find tons of Americans and other nationals flooding the markets of Rajasthan, Kolhapur, Dilli Haat and other areas, looking for the much loved trinkets and Indian Jewelry which is loved in the US, while in America you’ll find Indian tourists looking for clothes of the local brands to carry with them to India, to create a whole new fashion statement there.

Oh, and not to forget. Those colorful Indian bags and cloth-covered notebooks and diaries. Such prints, such colour! After all, isn’t fashion all about uniting with the others? Isn’t it all about flaunting new styles, and leaving a mark.

The Japanese Kimono, the Saree, the colorful Dupattas from India and other countries, the jewelry- all helps create an uber cool fashion statement, which honestly, leaves everyone in awe.



September 21, 2016

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