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Importance of Reading, Comprehension and Writing

Inspite of the fact that in USA their is no standard curriculum grade wise.Each state, each school and region has its own textbooks and method of teaching that are followed.

The MAP tests and the ACT/SAT tests are the common platforms that are used to analyze and compare students all over USA on the same platform.

They are not a excellent gauge for defining the understanding and abilities of the kids however gives a overall picture of the kids at large and from different backgrounds.



Vocabulary is a key success factor for both the SAT and ACT. Both  the exams do not directly test vocabulary, familiarity with a large number of words that frequently appear on the SAT and ACT can help you score well on the reading comprehension, sentence structure analysis and writing sections.

Often their are a lot of resources online as well as the standard textbooks for the tests that have a huge list of vocabulary words, flash cards.


Elementary, Middle and HighSchool years are the formative times in each student life when they can build those foundations of understanding and excelling in the critical math, language and scientific skills so that later in life the student is successful whatever goals in life he or she may have.


As much as schools play a critical development, what support and reinforcement the student receives at home from parents, guardians, friends, foster parents etc to focus on education.

Their are county library which are absolutely free in each city and town the kids should be visiting these frequently to learn and read and develop their understanding.

December 2, 2016

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