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How can ACT Winners Improve their Reading skills?

ACT Winners generally have very good Reading Skills. These skills are invaluable not only

for the Reading Comprehension section of the ACT, but also other sections like Sentence

completion and even maths.

They use certain reading techniques that greatly increase their comprehension and reduce the time required to learn new subjects.

You must remember that quick tips like skimming the passage etc will simply not work unless you are an effective reader.

The method of fast reading by missing the important facts will be a costly mistake if u get the answer wrong.

These quick tips have to be used in conjunction with an effective way of reading.


One of the most  effective way of reading is following these simple rules 








Scanning provides a rapid overview. Many well written books follow logical outlines that can

orient the reader to the subject matter.


–  Spend a few minutes a day reading at a faster than comfortable rate (about 2 to 3

times faster than your normal speed). Use your hand or an index card to guide your eyes down

the page. Then time yourself reading a few pages at your normal speed. You’ll find that

often your normal reading speed will increase after your skimming practice.


–   If you have poor concentration when reading, practice reading for only 5 – 10 minutes at a time and gradually increase this time.




The Real ACT Prep Guide


Kaplan ACT verbal and Math Workbooks 


Princeton review verbal work out

December 2, 2016

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