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These programs are open to adults 18 with one year of college or 19+ desiring to deepen their knowledge of art and design in an academically rigorous and artistically stimulating environment.

Higher Academic standards, better infrastructure and value for money make US the most coveted place for all the international students.

United states continues to lead and modernize in the current global economy and hence the educational system here is driven to develop future Enterpruners, Scientist, developers, doctors and engineers, lawyers and more.
Availability of resources and setup to fulfill the ambitions is what draws the best brains to the US experience.

• Academic Field; Major and minor – In USA the credits for the hours of study done for the university courses per semester and its valuation and certification is different from the other countries hence it is best to get the help of someone knowledgeable to help you understand what u want to study and what you may qualify to attend.
• Degrees & Graduate Schools – In USA there are 1000s of big and small, accredited and diploma schools and a lot of search engines pull up names of matching universities that you might seek.
Identifying the right one is the key to success.

• Academic Standards & Prestige (Rankings)
A lot of online and published books and statistics can be looked at before applying to any university.
Its always good to not just go by what you hear but do all your research.

• Location & Region
United states is a huge country, so its important that before getting the admission done you have a chance to visit and meet and discuss with friends and family who have been there.
Also the educational and private counselors can offer you valuable advice on this matter.

• Large University or Small College? City, Suburb or Town?

USA has a lot of big colleges in small towns and small colleges or deemed universities not accredited in big towns so being a foreign student and not understanding this dynamic can lead you to a wrong selection of the college or the course for your graduate or post Graduate degree.
Also the cost of commute and travel in and out of city with friends might be a consideration if you like exploring different places round the place of study.

• Total Cost for Your Education
When looking at the cost of your tuition fees you have to make sure that you understand whether the cost of books, residential accommodation, meals and other variables are included or not.
Universities have all the costs detailed and discuss the same with you before admission so you can compare and ask them about each and ever line item.
Would you have opportunity to work on campus to subsidize some of the cost of your tuition.
Scholarships and other applicable discounts can be discussed as well.

Depending on Course applying for and colleges across USA may have some variations for entrance score and requirement.

Each college website lists the entry requirements and we will work with you to connect with the admission office to guide you with that process.

• TOEFL requirements or IELTS (or TOEFL waivers)
The colleges have listed on their websites and brochures criteria for application and the exams for international students, however if you have a special circumstance or you have done a equivalent exam then feel free to discuss that with our college gurus.

English Language Requirement – Each college requirement may be different, they will need your transcripts before admitting you to make sure you know English.

Education abroad always is tricky and working with a counsellor is always good. We recommend that you use some help from an advisor for your admission instead of doing it all by yourself.
The advisors in your country might deal with only a few university hence might want you to work with a particular college only which might not be a good fit for you.
So ask and get quotes from different counselors for their services and prices and then make a decision.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation and facilitate and provide you with necessary information to get started.

Testimonial – Aditya Boros – ACG helped me with the right paper work to submit for visa and also applying to the Flight academy in Florida USA.

Amarjeet – From Mumbai consulted with ACG counselors for management Course for her son to apply in USA, Canada

Kajal – from Gujarat, adequately guided on career prospects in Fashion industry and counseled for improving her presentation skills, marketing of Fashion courses offered,  brand management and interview preparation.

About American College Guru

We are a team of counselors, college students, mentors, college admissions advisors, tutors and professionals who work with college bound students and their families to help ensure success.We currently have students in the United States, India, China and Bangladesh.


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