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Fashion In Colleges In India

By Anushka Goel @ American College Gurus


If there’s anything Indian colleges are high on, it’s fashion. Be it one of the most well-known colleges, or even the lesser known ones- they all have something common to them- the students are fashionable to the T!

New Delhi has one of the most famous universities on India- the Delhi University. Here, people from all the different states and cultures come together to study under one roof. Thus, needless to say, here the fashion sense is an amalgamation of all these cultures- whether it be the classy sense of Mumbai, or the bright and flamboyant sense of fashion from Delhi- everything has its own role to play.

Indian boys and girls believe in being fashionable, but without compromising on comfort. Thus, you’ll find them wearing everything, from crop-tops to T-shirts of their favorite TV shows or even Kurtis with Palazzos, long skirts and churidars (they’re a kind of leggings which is skin-fit, and its base forms rings (or churi, Hindi for Bangles) at your ankles.

In India, the average student’s wardrobe will have everything- from the highest of brands to clothes from the street markets- and one won’t be able to make out from where these clothes have been bought. That’s what Indian fashion is all about- comfort, class, colour and accessorizing- because we really know how to pull of those brightly coloured chappals with a simple outfit of Jeans and a top!

October 7, 2016

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