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Emergence And Impact Of Western Fashion On Eastern Countries

By Anushka @ American College Gurus

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Fashion travels far and wide. Due to Globalization, Liberalization and other such processes, the world economy has emerged. There is now a greater availability of Foreign products in other nations, be it Indian food and clothes in America, or the Japanese and Chinese Teas in the European nations, or American beauty brands in India.

All this would not have been possible if Liberalization didn’t take place, that is, if local markets wouldn’t have been opened to foreign competition. Now, using a Victoria’s Secret perfume is as normal as using one manufactured locally in India.

Therefore, with the coming in of Western brands, there came a huge number of changes- we could finally wear all those ‘modern’ clothes that we never thought we would wear.- Jeans, shorts, skirts, polo shirts, dresses, gowns, t-shirts, shirts etc. entered the scene, and we were able to try newer styles of clothing.

What’s more, this lead to the fusion of local and Western fashion, leading to new styles of clothing like the Indo-Western trends. The reach of Western clothing and fashion trends is so much in Eastern nations (especially Asia).

Thailand actually has markets that sell these western emerging fashion clothes before these trends have reached India!

I remember buying a Palazzo from Thailand and wearing it in India, while the others would marvel at the new fashion trend.

Now, fashion has reached a global platform, and something that Kim Kardashian wears at an event is readily available in India, at times modified a bit to suit the Indian taste. And the same goes as the opposite. A Saree worn here will be available in the US, but probably as a no-fuss pre-stitched one, to help widen its reach amongst the US residents.

October 7, 2016

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