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Common Sense Fashion In Today’s World

Fashion has quite an important role to play in everyday life. With so many new clothes, accessories, products etc. around us it gets hard to imagine a world where fashion isn’t important.

Fashion is reflected everywhere- right from one’s outfit (#OoTD!) to one’s makeup to even their phone covers! Because, quirky phone covers help one enhance their sense of style, don’t they?

In the modern world, fashion isn’t just restricted to parties and bling- it is a part of who you are. With fashion changing every day, one strives to create a mark by newer outfits, cool accessories, funky hairdos, and new makeup trends. Well, how else would you explain all those beautiful nail art videos and goatee beards?

Now, since fashion is an everyday thing, you just can’t restrict yourself to one style of clothing. Here come DIYs and flea markets! Recreating fashion and unleashing your creativity is what’s important. Common sense fashion is all about the comfort, without compromising on style, and that’s exactly what our creative minds do- create the perfect combination of comfort and colour which makes us look different every single day.

October 7, 2016

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