ACG offers Concierge services for students who study abroad for various courses which include organizing tours and additional services for instance

A) Portfolio making –For Design students an impressive portfolio is key in getting recognition to your
work. A College Guru Mentor will help you create a portfolio that will be yours to keep and helpful for future use.

B) Photo shoot – Permanently save your creative projects by doing a professional photoshoot. A expert photographer and designer will work with you through the process.

C) Participate in Fashion shows: Check out Facebook page @globaldesignfeature

We can help you get up front and centre with your creativity in Fashion Week across the globe in Los Angeles,NYC, PARIS, MILAN or TOKYO

You will need to start the process minimum 6 month in advance so that we can connect you to the designers and mentors who will help you with your portfolio and outfit selection, sizing for models, and application process.

Get involved and explore the opportunity to further your career, submit your entry in the upcoming fashion show and other Design competitions and contest.


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Tour Options   

  • The East coast and West coast tours can be purchased at any time.
  • The Chicago tour is included in our special short term and long term courses offered through our affiliate colleges and is complimentary to any program you do with American College Gurus.
  • The Tours in Paris, Milan and Tokyo can be purchased from India directly or can be added on to your USA trip.


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  4. 4. Paris Fashion and Design tour -link
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  6. 6. Tokyo Fashion and Design tour – make it similar to –

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